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is dedicated to honing its members' craft as writers. Some of us are professional, others amateur; some of us work in the spoken word scene, others exclusively on the page. Once a month we meet to read and critique each other's work with brutal love, constructive criticism, and a large dose of humour and joy in language.

ATOM is spun off from Singapore Poetry Writing Month (SingPoWriMo), a writing challenge hosted on Facebook every April. SingPoWriMo participants write one poem each day of the month (total: 30 poems in 30 days), and join a supportive literary community to critique each other's work and cheer on their friends and fellow writers. Selected representative poems are then published in an anthology.  

ATOM arose from a group of SingPoWriMo writers who were hungry for year-round encouragement, friendship, and critique. Many poets in our collective have published books; others study literature in Singapore and abroad; others have dedicated their lives to teaching young people the craft of writing; others are pioneering the Singaporean and international film, music, theatre, and other artistic movements; and still others are writers only on evenings and weekends. We welcome every poet dedicated to improving their craft.

ATOM and SingPoWriMo are affiliated with the Sing Lit Station