is a poet, academic, educator and editor. His work has been published in A Luxury We Must Afford (Math Paper Press), From Walden to Woodlands (Ethos) and various editions of SingPoWriMo, as well as journals such as The Kindling and Eunoia Review. His debut collection of poems, Pantomime, was recently published by Math Paper Press and is currently working on a second collection of poems and a novel.



writes about cats, ghosts, and womanhood, and maintains that they are all the same thing. Her writing is published in Quarterly Literary Review SingaporeLONTAR, The Kindling, Rambutan Literary, and anthologies like SingPoWriMo and My Lot is a Sky (Math Paper Press). She has just released her debut collection of poetry, The Woman Who Turned into a Vending Machine (Math Paper Press), and is currently working on another collection of poems for monstrous women.


Topaz winters

is a poet & multidisciplinary artist. Among her internationally award-winning & critically-acclaimed creative credits include working as the author of three books (latest: poems for the sound of the sky before thunderMath Paper Press, 2017), writer & star of SUPERNOVA (dir. Ishan Modi, 2017), creative director & editor-in-chief of Half Mystic Press (est. 2015), co-founder & curator at A Second Fact of Great Importance (est. 2018), speaker of Healing Is a Verb (2017), & creator of Love Lives Bot (est. 2018). Her work has been published in Cosmonauts Avenue & DIALOGIST, profiled in The Straits Times & The Business Times, & commended by Button Poetry & the National YoungArts Foundation. She is the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She was born in 1999 & studies literature & film at Princeton University. She enjoys chai lattes, classic rock, wildflowers, & the colour of the sky when nothing is dreaming of it.



studies in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, and writes poetry and non-fiction in his free time. His poetry has been published in SingPoWriMo anthologies (Math Paper Press), as well as publications such as L'Ephemere Review and The New Paper. He reviews poetry with Singapore Unbound, and can be found tweeting at @stagpoetics.


Jennifer Ann Champion

(b.1988) is a writer, educator, archivist and performance poet. She had no childhood dream of being a writer but found, at the age of 25, that she had stories to tell. She is the author of two poetry collections – A History of Clocks (Redwheelbarrow Press, 2015) and Caterwaul (Math Paper Press, 2016) – and co-edited the anthology SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press, 2015). She is a co-founder of and serves as its Multimedia Editor. As the oldest millennial in ATOM, Jennifer worries about being left behind in an increasingly fractured, silo-ed world and her work is often personal, sometimes paranoid. She copes by hugging her cat, meditating and teaching young people that in poetry, it is okay not to have all the answers.



writes prose and poetry. She is a nurse by profession, psychologist by education, spoken word artist by fancy, Fight Club enthusiast every other birthday, and a potato during the full moon. Her works have appeared in collections like My Lot Is A Sky and past SingPoWriMo anthologies (Math Paper Press), as well as online journals like Dying Dahlia Review, Eunoia Review, and Pressure Gauge Journal. She is often referred to as SOAP. She is currently writing her first novel.



is a bit of a ghost. She has appeared in various anthologies such as Words: Lost and Found (Coffee Stained Press), Inheritance (Math Paper Press), CATS' Literati (Korea), My Lot Is A Sky, and yearly editions of SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press). She has also performed spoken word at SPEAK, Intermission Bar, Word Forward's Poetry Slam, and Books & Beer to name a few. Her hobbies include worrying too much, sleeping too little, and taking hiatuses for months at a time. 



Contrary to her sunny disposition, Gwen almost exclusively writes sad things. Her poetry is often described as 'prose-ish', which gives away the fact that she's a fiction writer dressed up in line breaks and judicious punctuation. Her depressing short stories can be found in The Ayam Curtain and 24 Flavours: Sushi (Math Paper Press). Her poetry has been published in OF ZOOS. She has also contributed a critical introduction to and edited videos for Gwen contemplates how technology ruins things, while staring at her phone. 


jerome lim

is pursuing an MPhil in Modern & Contemporary Literature at Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge, where he works on the late poetry of the neo-Modernist J. H. Prynne. His writing has been published in the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Rambutan Literary, Twin Cities (Landmark Books), and editions of The Looking-Glass and the SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press) anthologies, among others. Recently, his poetic sequence Archipelago was awarded the Ursula Wadey Memorial Prize in the United Kingdom. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for, and one of his reviews is forthcoming in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.


Samuel Caleb Wee

is the co-editor of this is how you walk on the moon (Ethos Books), an anthology of experimental fiction published in 2016. His poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared in regional journals and magazines such as Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, OF ZOOS, Esquire, and August Man. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada, where he is working on his PhD in English at the University of British Columbia. He is afraid of Americans.


Elizabeth Fen Chen

writes poetry inspired by the everyday. She believes in the power of words to move people, such as "lunch will be provided". A winner of the National Poetry Competition 2018, she has been published in SG Poems 2017-2018 (Ethos Books), and the SingPoWriMo anthologies of 2015 and 2016 (Math Paper Press).

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Qamar Firdaus Saini

is in the public service, and is especially fond of Explosions in the Sky. He writes to remember things. His poems can be found in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Moving Words (Ethos Books), ASINGBOL (Squircle Line Press), This is Not A Safety Barrier (Ethos Books), and various editions of SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press), among others. His works have also been commissioned by National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum.


Al Lim

is an Urban Studies major at Yale-NUS College. Part-Thai and part-Singaporean, he grew up in Sydney and South Carolina before returning to his home continent. His works have appeared in STAPLE Magazine, Harvard's Tuesday Magazine, pressure gauge press, as well as anthologies like SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press) and Twin Cities (Landmark Books).

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Min lim

is a freelance graphic designer, student, and stress baker. Her works have appeared in journals such as Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Softblow, OF ZOOS, and Breakwater Review. Her poem, Mulian, was also shortlisted for the University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize 2017. This fall, she will be pursuing her Masters in International and World History at Columbia University (New York).